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Recommend A Field Monitor for You
If we want to make professional video, HDSLR camera could do great help. It may be not difficult to make a video, but it may as well be a million miles aways to make a good video because we need to take decades to master the photography skills. If you want to be more professional, you should have a field monitor to help you. 
It is indispensable for us to get a field monitor for the HDSLR camera. The field monitor is also called on-camera camera. It has larger screen than the camera LCD. There are many tools on it that could help us, such as focus aid, exposure adjustment and so on. It could make us get the real color of the object.
Mustech display recently has released a 5 inches On-Camera Field Monitor with HDMI input Focus Assist Marker False Color Pixel to Pixel Imag. I strongly recommed it to you.
Field Monitor for HDSLR Camera