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Why would I use an On-Camera monitor?
The most obvious advantage of using an field monitor is that it provides a larger screen than the one built into your camera. This extra LCD real estate is useful for setting up shots, shooting and reviewing footage. Larger screens are also far less fatiguing to watch for long stretches of time. 
A less obvious advantage is that the external monitor may offer a higher-resolution image than a camera’s built-in display. Many cameras can shoot stunning 1080p footage, but their built-in LCD screens are often limited to lower resolutions. 
In addition to screen size and higher-resolution capabilities, some field monitors feature built-in tools that help you adjust exposure, achieve sharper focus and fully maximize screen real estate. More advanced field monitors will feature additional inputs and outputs for video and audio, and some enable you to loop the camera’s signal to additional monitors or capturing devices.
Why would I use an Field monitor